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As a Securities Attorney and Boca Raton Probate Lawyer, Todd A. Zuckerbrod P.A. understands the complexities of managing and protecting the assets that you have accumulated over the years, as well as the pitfalls that often await the unwary. Whether your assets are invested in securities or other investment vehicles in a brokerage account, or they are included in one or more trusts for the benefit of your heirs in the form of securities, real estate, insurance products, personal possessions, and more, you want to make sure they remain safe, and appreciate in value while under management.

Working to Keep Those Who Deal with Other People’s Money Honest

Unfortunately, any time there is a significant amount of money involved in an investment account or trust, it can pose a temptation for the unscrupulous. Most financial advisors and trustees are honest, competent, and careful; but not all.

On the other side of the coin, being a stockbroker, financial advisor, or a trustee managing someone else’s assets can put you in a position where you are blamed for losses in value or mismanagement, when in fact you have managed the funds in your care to the best of your ability. They may have been affected by a general downturn in the market or some factor that you have absolutely no control over, resulting in your being wrongly accused of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, or some other type of wrongdoing.

Money can corrupt, but money can also make people perceive possible corruption where it doesn’t exist, staining an honest fiduciary’s good name.

Laws exist to protect those who trust others to handle their assets; they also serve to protect the broker or trustee from unsupportable accusations. State and federal laws set forth rules and standards by which anyone who serves in a fiduciary capacity must act. These rules and standards, as long as they are followed, protect those who entrust their assets and those who manage them; but they must be meticulously followed. Among other legal requirements, a fiduciary – whether a financial professional, brokerage firm, or trustee – must always put the interests of the owner or the owner’s beneficiaries above his own, must not intermingle funds or use a client’s funds for his own benefit, and must keep in close communication with the client or the client’s beneficiaries.

Why Choose Us

30+ Years of Securities Industry Experience

30+ Years of Securities Industry Experience

Including regulatory work at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), served as counsel for Merrill Lynch, Greenberg Traurig, general counsel of a brokerage firm, and now private practice.

Achieving Positive Results

Achieving Positive Results

Mr. Zuckerbrod has been lead counsel on well over 100 securities arbitration, and many regulatory actions, often involving millions.

Knowledge of Trust & Estates

Knowledge of Trust & Estates

Over the course of his career, Mr. Zuckerbrod has developed a keen understanding of Trust & Estate issues, both domestic and international.

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Securities Attorney

What our Clients Say

Todd is very trustworthy and professional. He didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but he always told me the truth.

- Jorge

We feel very, very fortunate to have had someone of his caliber advocating on our behalf. He was always professional, supportive, and patient, and he always stressed honesty above all else.

- Barbara

Todd did a fantastic job of representing us! I was very pleased with his understanding, and the outcome of my case.

- Scott

Protecting your investments is of paramount importance.

When you have already invested, or are preparing to invest money through a stock broker or financial advisor, or you are planning on moving assets into a trust for your heirs as part of your estate plan, you will want to be working with an attorney who has experience with the requirements of the law that pertain to those who manage money and valuable assets for others.

Legal Guidance for Securities Disputes, Estate Planning, and Trust Services

Attorney Todd A. Zuckerbrod is uniquely qualified to provide a broad array of legal services involving the investment, protection, and distribution of assets. These are some areas where he can be of invaluable assistance:

  • Stockbroker and investment fraud, including churning, excessive risk, unsuitable investments, overconcentration, selling away, exploiting vulnerable adults, and FINRA arbitration.
  • Representing brokers and brokerage firms in disputes, regulatory proceedings, arbitrations, and complex litigation in state and federal court.
  • Representing brokers in disputes with the brokerage firm that employs them.
  • Trust litigation, including trustee misconduct, trust company violations, reformation or termination of a trust, probate disputes, and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Trust services, including estate planning, serving as trustee or co-trustee, and administering trust assets, to protect the interests of both grantor and beneficiaries.

Get the Legal Guidance You Need

If you suspect fraud or financial wrongdoing, whether you are an investor, a broker, a trust grantor, a beneficiary, or a fiduciary; or if you are involved in any capacity in the financial industry and find yourself embroiled in an industry-related legal battle, contact Boca Raton, Florida, securities, estates, and trusts attorney Todd A. Zuckerbrod for ethical, skilled, and experienced legal representation that yields results.

Among Probate Lawyers in Florida, Todd A. Zuckerbrod, P.A. has over 30 years of experience within the financial industry, a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of both state and federal law, and the integrity to ensure that you have an advocate you can trust. Your initial consultation is free, so call today to discuss your case.