Client Testimonials

If you need the toughest, no nonsense, and aggressive representation, you should consider Todd!

I hired Todd to represent me in a case involving litigation against one of the largest companies in the planet. Todd was aggressive in litigating my case and refused to back down or be intimidated by opposing counsels. At a mediation, I was floored when I saw how Todd not only stood up for my case, but also intimidated the opposing side with his conviction and firm manner of litigating. He challenged individuals in positions of authority at FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission whenever they failed to follow the law. Todd fears no one! Personally, Todd is very trustworthy and professional. He didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but he always told me the truth. The outcome of his representation was above expectation and the giant company dropped the action against me. I strongly recommend Todd for all matters involving securities litigation, FINRA arbitration, etc.

- Jorge

A Great Advocate on our Behalf

Pursuing a claim against our financial advisor was something we were not eager to pursue, but with the passage of time the clarity of how badly we were wronged was undeniable. We contacted an attorney who, after reviewing our case, felt the extensive experience of Mr. Zuckerbrod would best serve us. It was a long and laborious process that included a mediation designed for the two parties to come together and agree on a settlement. There was no agreement because the broker was not interested in what we would have considered a fair settlement. The next step was for a panel of FINRA arbitrators to hear the case and make a final, binding decision. The FINRA panel’s decision resulted in an unsuitable trading and negligence judgment against the broker and an award to us. The arbitration was an exhausting 9-10 day hearing. Mr. Zuckerbrod’s ability to remember details was nothing short of amazing. His background and understanding of FINRA rules was absolutely crucial to the presentation of our case. We feel very, very fortunate to have had someone of his caliber advocating on our behalf. He was always professional, supportive, and patient, and he always stressed honesty above all else. That was just more reassurance for us that we were working with the right person.

- Barbara