What Happens When a Trustee Makes Unethical Decisions

Trustees are given the responsibility to manage a trust according to the wishes of the deceased. This involves record keeping, safe-guarding and ensuring all beneficiaries receive their owed entitlements. Reasonable care and judgment must be used to manage the trust to prevent a breach of fiduciary duty. If a breach of duty occurs, beneficiaries can… read more

Estate Planning 101: Effective Strategies for Entrusting Your Assets

Most people want to experience the joys of living and do not want to think about what will happen after they die. The fact of the matter is, eventually it will happen to everyone and there is no way to know exactly when. If your affairs are not in order upon your death, your assets… read more

The Rights and Responsibilities of a Will Beneficiary

If you are entrusted with an inheritance after the death of a loved one, you become a beneficiary. In the role of beneficiary, you are awarded certain rights and responsibilities for receiving and managing the assets, be they cash, personal property or investments. The executor must reveal certain information to you regarding the stipulations of… read more

How to Avoid Investment Fraud

It is an unfortunate truth, but today’s markets are littered with unethical brokers looking to get more than they deserve from other people’s investments. Some fraudulent account managers start out with noble intentions, but the temptations of dipping into a pot that is not theirs becomes too overwhelming to ignore. Other schemers start out with… read more

Why Should I Start Estate Planning Now?

Preparing a plan for how your estate will be inherited can seem unnecessary if you are young or in excellent health, but if you want to maintain control over what happens to your assets after your death there is no time like the present to make arrangements. Secure a good future for your children and… read more

How to Avoid a Probate Dispute

The death of a loved one is already filled with feelings of grief, and dealing with probate litigation can add more stress to your family during this vulnerable time. Probate dispute cases can be emotional and demanding for all parties. They can be laden with extra fees and delay availability of assets for heirs. To… read more