estate planning

What Is A Trustee?

If you’ve recently created a trust, you may have taken on the responsibility to become a trustee or may have appointed one or more to become the trustee or trustees; but exactly what is a trustee? Essentially a trustee can be an adult person, or persons or a trust company, that is appointed by the… read more

6 Facts About Estate Planning in Florida

When you think of estate planning, you most likely think about what you have to do, what requirements you will have to meet, and how much it might cost you. Yet, there’s more to know about estate planning than just the steps to completing it. Here are some interesting tidbits you may not know about… read more

5 Myths About Estate Planning

Few people want to talk about planning for their estate after they’ve passed away. However, they do their loved ones a disservice when they fail to make sure they provide for their family members. Inform yourself on what estate planning is so you can make plans now. Here are a few myths about estate planning… read more

The Importance of Estate Planning [Infographic]

What is the Function of an Estate Plan? It is never too early to begin creating an estate plan. Estate planning is outlining financial plan in advance that states how you would like your assets divided and who you would like to give your wealth to. Estate planning is used for a variety of reasons:… read more