The Importance of Estate Planning [Infographic]

What is the Function of an Estate Plan? It is never too early to begin creating an estate plan. Estate planning is outlining financial plan in advance that states how you would like your assets divided and who you would like to give your wealth to. Estate planning is used for a variety of reasons:… read more

Beware: Common Investment Fraud Schemes

As long as there have been people who have wanted to make money through investments, there have been other people waiting to deceive and fleece them of their investment capital. The modern world offers countless opportunities for investments, and it’s vital for would-be investors to know the signs of investment fraud and other schemes to… read more

What Causes Probate Disputes?

The probate process exists to ensure a deceased individual’s final wishes become reality. Probate helps the surviving family divide the decedent’s assets and property according to his or her wishes. While the death of an elderly parent or leading figure in a family can be an emotional time that brings families together, the probate process… read more

How to Navigate the Probate Process with Rival Siblings

Trillions of dollars pass through the probate process each year, and this process aims to ensure a deceased person’s last wishes as stated in his or her will. Unfortunately, many circumstances can prevent an individual from appropriately conveying his or her last wishes and intentions for disbursement of property and assets after death. Some people… read more